how it works

Rock MP staff work vigorously together with the owner or agent of the event to identify the scope and the scale of what’s needed to make that event a success. Once that happens, the rest is done in phases.

The first phase deals with obtaining permits, licenses and insurance for the venue and event. These tasks are handled expeditiously in order to move on to the next phase.

The second phase is talent coordination, procurement and execution of these tasks. Rock MP specializes in this area.

The third and final phase is identifying potential promotion and brand tie-ins, and overall logistical considerations across the board. Once this is done, plans are put in place to capitalize on the full potential of these collaborative marketing strategies.

the results

More brand awareness, better turn out’s, and an all around terrific event!

Create a great event and great experience and people will tell their friends and want to come back again and again. “After all, our success is linked to your success”!

The staff at Rock MP are able to execute the above phases because we have over thirty years of successful music production, entertainment management and finance experience within the music industry.

We have strong relationships that span both across genres of the music industry and the Motorsports industry. Our global reach and understanding of this market make us uniquely qualified and give us the edge in this exciting and emerging market!

These global relationships and expert knowledge in making things happen, give Rock MP the ability to create unique events and unforgettable experiences for fans across a wide demographic.