Your Racing Event + Our Music Production = Unforgettable Festival

What is Rock MP?

Rock MP is an exciting new music festival that marries great artists, DJ’s and Groups with an immersive Motorsports, Gaming and Lifestyle experience. We set out to create an event and atmosphere that is visual, fun, and that people of all ages can enjoy.

Generally our event is between one to three days long.

Rock MP’s festival sets itself apart from the sea of current festivals because of the content and context of the event we create and the completely scalable nature of our production, which ultimately comes down to the quality and diversity of the music we put up.

Multiple stages, unique bands, artists and sonic soundscapes paint the scene. Motor-driven games and events, food and shopping help us create an exciting audio/visual circus! Rock MP’s staff work vigorously together with the owner or agent of the event to identify the scope and the scale of what’s needed to make that event a success. Once that happens, the rest is done in phases.

We are always identifying potential promotion and brand tie-ins, and overall logistical considerations across the board. Once this is done, plans are put in place to capitalize on the full potential of these collaborative marketing strategies.

The staff at Rock MP are able to execute all phases with precision because we have an understanding of what it takes in creating successful music production and entertainment management within the music industry. We have strong relationships that span both across genres of the music industry and the Motorsports industry. Our global reach and understanding of this market make us uniquely qualified and give us the edge in this exciting and emerging market! These global relationships and expert knowledge in making things happen, give Rock MP the ability to create unique events and unforgettable experiences for fans across a wide demographic.

about Rock Mp’s SERVICES

Concert Production

concert production

From logistics to staging to custom merchandising and most importantly Talent. Let us put together something very special. Private corporate events are available and inquiries are welcome at
Event Promotion

Event promotion

Rock MP street teams, work tirelessly to get the word out! They work the whole spectrum of social media, along with our publicity team we send out our own unique press releases, and MP E -blasts. Rock MP leverages the full weight of the Motorplanet media family, in coordination with our partners help to bring the maximum awareness into the general public as well as our fan base for the event.
Collaborative Partnerships

collaborative partnerships

Rock MP’s business model leverages the unique Motorplanet brand to bring in and unite Motorsports companies, food and beverage companies as well as Clothing and Retail, to “tie-in” the Rock MP fabric and become one with the fans. “We listen, and try hard to never betray our fan base, and we carefully choose how we market and identify sponsors to fit the venue and our fans to make it a win-win for our partners, and fans alike”.

your racing event and rock mp

Rock MP’s festival helps make way to broaden your fan base, fill it out with more people, and create a memorable event! You have the opportunity to bring in younger fans and people that might not of been into racing, but will be after your event!

“If you have an event and never thought about this before, than you should”.

“We can help spike attendance, keep the event flowing, and make it even more special than you thought it could be!”

“We coined the phrase “Music Meets Motorsports” for a reason..
“Music people love racing, and racing people love music.”

our music festival production

From state of the art staging, to premier back line and FOH solutions, custom lighting and our cutting edge sound reinforcement team, Rock MP can make it happen.

Rock MP works with top Booking Agents and Agencies, as well as Managers on procuring artist/s and bands across different and unique music genres.

Rock MP is strong on entertainment and event coordination and logistics. Rock MP works with some of the top Vendors in the world to bring in that unique experience and knowledge to help create a memorable and successful Rock MP festival.

unforgettable experiences

Rock MP can bring an “Arena Rock” type of excitement to any size venue.

The Audio/Visual connection is key as is the overall fan experience.

“Fans demand it.., Rock MP delivers it”.

47.4 Billion

Global Music
Industry Revenue

3.1 Billion

Annual NASCAR revenue

15.2 Billion

Music Industry
Revenue in the U.S.


Average NASCAR
ticket price

4.73 Billion

Live Nation Entertainment’s
concert revenue

75 Million

Number of NASCAR fans



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